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Title: Love the Bomb

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Love Bomb

From early Spring of 1988 through late Fall of 1993, Love Bomb performed in and around the Philadelphia-Wilmington club scene.

Sean Kimball, Guitars and Vocals, was the first musician I knew I wanted to play with when I was looking to put the band together. Next came guitar wizard, Matt Eltringham, who filled in the Lead Guitar and Vocals spot. Bruce English, Keys and Vocals, and Jerry C. Williams, on Drums, filled out the line-up. Then, of course, there was me, Bobby Foster, on Bass and Lead Vocals.

After a year with the band, Matt left and Kenny Markford took over on Lead Guitar and backing vocals.

In 1990, the band had the opportunity to record at Studio 4 with Grammy Award-winning producer, Phil Nicolo. A good friend, Jeff Faber, was hugely responsible for making the project happen. Over the period of a month, we recorded 8 songs. The cd shown to the right is a first-time public release of those sessions.

"Be a Light" and "Bridges" are the songs we thought were most accessible. But in retrospect, I think "Eye to Eye" and "Raia" might have been the hits.

In 1990, Tim Reeder and Gordon Townsend (now of ELO fame) took over on Drums, one shortly after the other. (For one reason or another, we had a very difficult time hanging onto drummers!)

Then, in 1991, I restructured the band and Fran Sankey took on the Lead Guitar and backing vocals role.

Then, like clockwork, we changed drummers, again. Dave Esposto become the band's next drummer. Dave was a perfect fit, though, and with the 1992 line-up, we played some of our best shows.

In 1992, Love Bomb changed its name to "Bliss". The band recorded and released "Soul Windows."

Shortly thereafter, the band dissolved. We did play several other shows in smaller venues with my brother, Jay, becoming the band's final drummer.

Coming close to greatness on several occasions, ultimately, the band's more classic sound was of little interest to record labels that were looking for the next "Warrant" or "Poison."

Here's a Video of Love Bomb performing "You and Me" in 1990:
(That's Tim on Drums and Kenny on Guitar.)

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Read more about Bliss and listen to some of the songs from "Soul Windows."

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